"It's wonderful; it works very well. It is as if the speaker is sitting right next to me. It makes attending Holy Mass so much more meaningful! It is very considerate and generous of St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church to make this available for those, like me, who have difficulty hearing."
-Veronica Dukes, Utica NY
"I couldn't believe how well it worked. My wife and others used their hearing aids during our second service and gave it rave reviews. The loop is a great enhancement."
-Mark Kaercher, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Loudonville, N. Y.
"Ever since the installation of the hearing loop, our parishioners who are hearing impaired have been very grateful for this addition to our church. One of our parishioners came up to me after Mass one day and said, Father, I have not heard the words of the Mass in 15 years. She now sits throughout the Mass with a smile on her face because she hears every word. It is amazing."
-Father Jason Hage, St Mary's Church, Hamilton, NY
"I went to a meeting in the room with the loop installed. Wow! The difference is like night and day. Although my cochlear implant has made it where I can hear - I still rely on captions in the large meetings. When I activated my telecoil in the room with a loop, every single word came through clearly. Three different speakers talked. One threw out a few jokes! I didn't miss anything. I could take notes and look at the slides without constantly monitoring the captions. I was in the back of the room!! This amazes me because I am newly implanted and haven't even trained my brain to hear very well yet! And even I didn't miss a word. CI's are a miracle but the loop is, in my mind, almost equally miraculous."
-Corinne B Cochlear - Implant recipient at the Cochlear Celebration 2013
"After we installed the loop for demonstration for the church members, the Priest spoke to the congregation. As soon as he started to speak, one of the parishioners stood straight up and yelled, “Oh my father you have a wonderful voice, I never new you sounded like that”. It was a ‘WOW’ moment for everyone in attendance. They now understood the difference a hearing loop can make, voices are more natural and each word is understood."
-St Mary Magdalene Church, Wolcott, NY