What is a hearing loop?

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A hearing loop is the only technology, that meets the American Disability Act (ADA) and transmits sound wirelessly to a person’s hearing aid or cochlear Implant. The resulting voice or musical signal is crystal clear without unwanted room noise or latency. It sounds as if the person is talking directly to you, inches away.

A hearing loop system provides an even magnetic signal across the room with a full frequency response. The magnetic signal is received by the person’s hearing aid or CI, matched to their hearing loss level, resulting in a rich, fulfilling, and enjoyable listening experience.

A hearing loop system consists of:
• Sound source from a microphone or other program sound system.
• A hearing loop amplifier that transforms the sound source in to magnetic signal.
• A hearing loop cable that transmits the magnetic signal.
• A person’s hearing aid or CI device receives the signal.
Hearing loop technology turns your own hearing device into a wireless speaker that is customized for your hearing experience.
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Hearing loop technology provides sound with no echo or extraneous noises.
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Hearing loop technology is ADA compliant.

Where are hearing loops installed?

Theaters & Auditoria
Large venues and long distances between presenters and audience members or events with background noise make these spaces particularly difficult for people with hearing loss. A hearing loop provides the perfect solution.
Places of Worship
Large sanctuaries with high ceilings are prone to echo and reverberation. Large room acoustics paired with a poor sound system might even make it difficult for a normal hearing person to understand. A hearing loop ensures a clear voice signal.
Retirement Communities
A looped community room enables seniors to understand and participate in activities. One-on-one loop systems can also be used for communication between staff members and residents.
Conference Rooms
Hearing loss is not only a concern for senior citizens, but for all age groups. It is critical to understand class instruction and or program presentations. Hearing loops provide a direct and clear voice signal to the person needing hearing assistance.
Ticket Desk & Store Counters
Ticket desks and store counters are prone to background noise from fellow visitors, travelers or shoppers. Hearing loops are particularly effective for confidential verbal communication.
When discussing your health and well being, it is critical to understand the spoken word of healthcare professionals. One on one and or counter loop systems are effective and available. One on one and or counter loop systems are effective and affordable.
Portable & Temporary Loops
When logistics prohibit a permanent loop installation, portable solutions allow flexibility for the venue staff.